Software Releases Tracking Platform

Software Releases Tracking Platform


Data Analytics.


Our software engineers worked on the platform implementation and testing under the client direct management by the team extension model.

Tech stack:

Client & Product:

Software Releases Tracking Platform (NDA) - the service gives managers the most accurate view into releases, and the key metrics proven to drive productivity. It helps developers improve on Accelerate metrics, by making deployments easier and less stressful.


•   Developing – business logic and work algorithms for the whole system from scratch.
•   Creating a convenient and informative user interface with real-time dashboards.
•   Integrating ERP, OSRM, online billing and reporting services.

Project stages:

Business logic creation

The aim of the project was to create a completely new solution to automate workflow and reduce the human factor. We built the business logic from scratch. It was crucial to think through work algorithms for the whole system in order to enable seamless integration of the ERP, GPS, OSRM and online billing.

Improving the user interface

Once the business logic was set, the next step was to create a user-friendly interface. Due to the specifics of the client’s workflow, the interface is an extremely high load and needs to contain a lot of indicators and data. It was, therefore, essential to create a convenient interface with all the necessary information on one page to eliminate the need to switch between different pages, thus saving users time constantly.

Testing in real-time

Genius team was steadily working on increasing the product's functionality which resulted in a successful release. The project is currently supported by a support team containing a Project manager, two ASP.NET Fullstack developers and a Manual QA Engineer.


•   development business process automation solutions for the global sales/trading desk of a leading investment bank.
•   aggregating electronic execution and voice channel client activities across multiple asset classes including cash products, derivatives, FX, equities, rates, credit and commodities.

Implemented features

Client dashboard

TEXT Clients can view details related to their equity loan on a single dashboard.

Real-time information

TEXT The platform keeps track of all global sales.