Genius Software expertise covers the cutting-edge technological innovations within emerging industries, from high-load Web Solutions and Mobile Apps to Internet of Things, UI/UX Design, Business Analysis, Big Data and Data Analytics. With Genius Software, businesses can hire cross-functional teams to build complex tech solutions and extend their in-house expertise.

Web development

We are a full-cycle software development company, so we can build you a website or a high-load web application from scratch. We have years of developing web solutions of various complexities for FinTech, eCommerce, Media, HealthCare, EdTech and others.


Mobile development

We can take your idea and make a reliable and stylish mobile app out of it using native iOS, Android, or cross-platform development solutions. No matter the complexity and the scale of your idea, we will pack it into a neat intuitive package for smartphones, tablets, and wearables to run it smoothly.


UX/UI design

UI/UX Product Design is responsible for the first thing your customers see and think about your project as well as for further user experience and satisfaction. We can take your idea and design a stylish, responsive and intuitive digital product for it.


Quality assurance

Quality Assurance is an essential part of the full-cycle development process that we provide. We can take your product and put its bugs through the seven circles of QA so in the future, the software lasts under any circumstances and pressure.


IT project managment

A healthy and efficient product development process is instrumental in bringing your product to market faster and ensuring its quality. We provide a wide range of project management consulting services aimed at analyzing, fine-tuning and improving your processes.


Product managment

We provide full-cycle Product Management services including Business Systems Analysis, UI/UX Design, Marketing with a strong focus on your customers needs and technical excellence to ensure efficient product development process.


Cloud solutions

Our skilled cloud experts are fully equipped to help you develop cloud-native apps or move your existing applications to the cloud. Starting from cloud readiness assessment and strategy development to infrastructure set up, architecture redesign, migration and maintenance.


Digital transformation

We offers science-led scalable digital transformation services, our experts analyze your company’s tech infrastructure, processes, and structures to both strengthen the organization’s short-term performance and maintain sustainable long-term improvement.